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3-28-2015 Maibock

3-28-2015 Maibock

German decoction mashing provides many unique and malty flavors to a homebrew.  This traditional method of brewing can easily be replicated at home by even the most novice brewer, willing to put in the extra time for the extra gain.



1lb Avanguard Munich

1lb Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner

.25lb Weyermann CaraMunich I


Fill your brewpot a gallon short of where you would normally fill, and apply heat until 140F.  In a separate pot from your brewpot, (at least 8 quarts) bring 1.25gal of water to 140F.  Mix in the grain, gently stirring to prevent dry clumps.  It should be runnier that quick oats. Once the grains are in the pot, never apply large amounts of heat.  Gently stir every so often, scraping the bottom of the pot to avoid any grain burning to the bottom of the pot.  

Measure the temperature, it should be around 135F. Hold this temp for 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes begin to slowly heat the pot to 155F, hold this temperature for 20 minutes.  Now slowly heat it all the way to boil, still gently stirring and hold a boil for 15 minutes. Cut the heat, and begin to ladle water from your brew pot into the second pot (with the grain) until it is again 155F and hold for 20 minutes. Bring your brew pot to 160F.  Pour the pot with grain through a grain bag and into your brew pot (a colander or strainer might help).  Steep for a 10 minutes and discard the grain.

Add 6.6lb Briess Pilsner Liquid Malt Extract and begin to boil for 15 minutes before adding hops.


60min: 2oz Hallertau Mittelfrüh @ 3% AAU

20min: Whirlflooc Tablet

15min: 1oz German Tettnanger 

0min: End Boil

Yeast: Saf Ale 34/70