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4-11-2015 Bourbon Stout

      To complement any Derby Day party, a bourbon infused American Stout and because we're not ready to infuse a mint julep . Before brewing take 4oz toasted oak chips and place in a glass jar. Fill to cover with choice whiskey (we're using Early Times Kentucky Bourbon to fit in with the derby.) Let this sit a week or two. 


1 lb Roasted Barley 

.5 lb Pale Chocolate Malt

.5 lb 60L Crystal

.25 lb 120L Crystal

5 lb Pale Malt We're doing a mini mash, if you want to skip the 5 lb pale malt, just add one 3.3 lb can of Muntons Light Malt Extract.

Malt Extract:

4 lb Golden Light Dried Malt Extract


60min: 1 oz Centennial 9% AAU

20min: 1 Whirlfooc Tablet


Fermentis US-05

The Bourbon:


You can add the Bourbon, the chips or both to the beer and each will give its own flavor.  We're going to add both so we get the smooth flavors from the oak and the burn of the bourbon.


If doing a secondary fermentation add the oak to the secondary, if not add it on day 5 of the fermentation. Let sit for at least one week.