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5-9-2015 Fruit Beer Builder

5-9-2015 Fruit Beer Builder

   A simple base to make just about any fruit beer.  The fruit can be added in several ways, and is often best if added a few different ways.  Just like different boils on hops, the different addition of fruit at different points will give you different flavors. 


.5 lb Briess Dextrine Malt


3.3 lb Briess Pilsen LME

3.3 lb Briess Gold or Wheat LME (depending if you want a wheat or blonde)


60min 1 oz Cascade @6%


Danstar CBC-1

The Fruit:

   Along with adding a brewer's natural fruit flavoring extract, we suggest adding some fruit juice concentrate to the wort after it has begun to cool down.  There are two preservatives that you have to watch out for, so read the label before you buy. Anything with sodium benzonatate, usually will not ferment to completion. Potassium sorbate is another one to watch out for, often the yeast will eat through this in small amounts, but better safe than sorry. Usually frozen concentrates will not have any preservatives. I usually will add one to two cans on a 5 gallon batch. The fermentation will will eat most of the sugar and “scrub” out most of the aroma during fermentation. This is where the flavoring extract comes in, returning the flavors taken away during fermentation. Add this to taste in the bottling bucket, the fruit flavors will become more pronounced with time, just stop short of what you think it needs.