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Box Kit Competition

19th Annual Amber Waves of Grain Homebrew Competition

 A conrats to all the winners in the competition, but a special crongrats to Marcus and John for winning the 2015 Box Kit Competition.  We can't wait to brew your award winning Saison "Beer" with you. Cheers!
March 27- 28 (entry deadline March 14)

Enter a Belgian or French Ale and get a chance to be the next award winning brewer to design one of our exclusive beer kits.


We're proud to once again sponsor the Amber Waves of Grain Homebrew Competition and this year we're doing something new-- sponsoring a category in which the winning entry will be the next Niagara Tradition Connoisseur Beer Ingredient KitThe Category: Belgian and French Ales ( ie BJCP Category 16 minus Belgian Wit-- because we already have one of those and it's from our own award winning recipe!)  Prizes for the 1st place winning entry will be a $100 gift certificate from Niagara Tradition, a brew day at Niagara Tradition for the test batch, one case of the resulting batch and bragging rights forevermore.  Please note the recipe must have ingredients readily available from Niagara Tradition.  All-grain recipes will be accepted, though converted to partial mash for the final kit.  For style guidelines go to bjcp.org.  For details on entering the competiton and entry forms go to niagarabrewers.org