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White Labs Brewing Yeast

PLEASE NOTE: We stock a limited number of White Labs Yeasts but we will gladly take orders for any variety not in stock.  Please contact us on our site  OR by phone (716) 877-8767 or 1-800-283-4418 to order.  Shipments usually arrive in 4 to 10 days.

White Labs Liquid Brewers Yeast is tested to be over 95% viable, 100% free of wild yeast, aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. Each vial contains a “pint starter” of yeast and is designed to be added directly to 5 gallons of wort or must. The shelf life of the White Labs Liquid Yeast is a minimum of four months from the “Best Before” date on the vial, and if refrigerated will stay alive for over a year. Best results are found if used within the “Best Before” date.